CLINARIS cooperates now with Roche Diagnostics

CLINARIS signs collaboration agreement with Roche Diagnostics and joins cobas® pulse point-of-care ecosystem

CLINARIS GmbH has announced a cooperation agreement with Roche Diagnostics to integrate its intelligent digitalisation solution HPM® into the cobas® pulse point-of-care ecosystem. HPM® provides a real-time view of the location, hygienic and technical status as well as the useful life of medical devices. The solution can communicate with common facility management and logistics systems and can be installed within a few weeks. By integrating HPM® with cobas® pulse, caregivers can see the exact location and status of the medical devices they need and are guided to the next available option. Cleaning staff and technical staff also benefit from the solution. HPM® enables reporting of defects and labelling of contaminated products to ensure appropriate cleaning. The occurrence of contaminated medical devices is reported in real time and the solution creates digital documentation of cleaning cycles. The integration of HPM® into the cobas® pulse ecosystem facilitates access to the digital solution for caregivers. The goal is to improve efficiency and safety in healthcare and combat nosocomial infections. cobas® pulse is a networked blood glucose management solution from Roche that, together with cobas® infinity edge software, forms an open digital ecosystem. More information is available on the cobas® infinity edge and cobas® pulse websites.

HPM® auf cobas® pulse vereinfacht Arbeitsabläufe und verbessert die Zusammenarbeit zwischen Pflege, Hygiene, Medizintechnik und Reinigung
HPM® on cobas® pulse simplifies workflows and improves collaboration between nursing, hygiene, medical technology and cleaning


CLINARIS GmbH was founded in 2014. The headquarters are located in Garching near Munich. HPM® is an intelligent digital solution for safe and efficient cooperation between nursing, hygiene, medical technology, cleaning and controlling. HPM® documents the reprocessing process of medical devices in real time and shows their exact location, hygiene and technical status as well as the actual duration of use. More information at


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