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You are a start-up or a small business and are in need to support your growth strategy?

c23 ventures is specialized to support small and mid-size companies in their development.

about us

c23 ventures is an investment and service company, which cares about the financial and marketing needs of young companies.
It’s CEO Dr. Nikolai A. Behr, has a profound knowledge in management in the communications & marketing industry. Since a couple of years he is supporting startups and small to midsize companies. First only in the field of communication, marketing and strategy. Meanwhile also as business angel and investor.


Pumpergsund investment convinces with “Climate-Egg”: 27% better than an organic egg

Scurrying about in the shelter of forests, jumping into the treetops, taking a dust-bath in the shade and picking organic fodder: a start-up from Munich proves that animal welfare, climate and environmental protection are compatible with profitable food production. The result: The Climate Egg. And it is under this name that the company Pumperlgsund brings …

c23 ventures invests in leading large scale 3D printer company BigRep

C23 ventures finalised its investment in the leader in industrial large scale additive manufacturing BigRep. The company is located in Berlin, Germany and has subsidiaries in the US and in Singapore.With its 1m3 volume, BigRep ONE opens a new dimension in 3D printing and 3D manufacturing, while BigRep Studio enables fast and accurate 3D printing …



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