Swiss sensor technology specialist Sensoryx new in the c23 portfolio

Sensoryx, a pioneering Swiss start-up, has made it its mission to improve interactions with digital platforms.

The company has created a proprietary tracking technology that is protected by several international patents and highly praised by its users.

Sensoryx develops technologies that can be seamlessly integrated into the world of spatial computing and provide a better user experience overall.

Sensoryx Datenhandschuh
Sensoryx Data Glove

Sensoryx enables VR and AR systems to compute with improved accuracy and responsiveness. It also opens up new possibilities for interacting with digital content in the physical world.

Sensoryx technology provides users with an enhanced and more immersive experience and opens up whole new perspectives on the use of digital content.

Sensoryx has already received recognition for its pioneering solutions and plans to further expand its position as a leading provider of tracking technologies.

For more information about Sensoryx and the latest developments in the field, please visit the Sensoryx website.

c23 ventures invests in leading large scale 3D printer company BigRep

C23 ventures finalised its investment in the leader in industrial large scale additive manufacturing BigRep. The company is located in Berlin, Germany and has subsidiaries in the US and in Singapore.
With its 1m3 volume, BigRep ONE opens a new dimension in 3D printing and 3D manufacturing, while BigRep Studio enables fast and accurate 3D printing on a large scale.

bigrep ONE industrial 3D printer

From furniture to vehicles to robots, we believe anything is possible. We want you to imagine everything from human robot parts to full-size sculptural works of art, and dream about the impossible, world-changing designs of tomorrow while you can print them today with one of our 3D printers.

c23 invests in bicycle trend

The topic of cycling and the increasing sales of e-bikes have prompted the management of c23 ventures to look for opportunities to invest in this growth market. We are happy that we have now found an opportunity to invest in one of the leading German companies in the bicycle industry.

The bicycle market is growing and growing. Photo credit: Jahangeer,

Time to look back gratefully! Thank you, dear partners!

Christmas Card c23 ventures

The past year has brought us many enriching encounters with start-ups, investors and business angels. We could finalise five new investments and have already final talks about an technology investment in the new energy field for early 2019.
Thank you for your trust in our expertise and the many joint projects. We are particularly proud of the positive development in our holdings Vuframe GmbH and All3DP GmbH. Good business for all our partners in 2019!

We wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019!

c23 ventures confirms involvement in Pumperlgsund GmbH

The founders of Pumperlgsund with investor legend Frank Thelen

Pumperlgsund is a Munich based start-up that delivers pure natural egg-white for daily cooking, diets and sports nutrition. Protein based nutrition is more and more popular with people who look for their health.
But how does every meal become a protein dish? The Pumperlgsund solution: Good Eggwhites, natural and liquid protein from the bottle. The perfect ingredient for cooking, baking and shaking. And in organic quality. Together with the appropriate protein knowledge and delicious recipes, the perfect protein package.