All3DP with new growth financing

Over the years c23 ventures invest All3DP GmbH in Munich, Germany has grown with the trend of 3D printers. CEO Matthias Plica has no worries about large suppliers such as Google or Amazon getting involved in the component business. “We are currently in a pleasant but global niche,” says the co-founder, “and at the same time in a market that is fortunately not so trivial. In order to maintain its lead, the start-up company has just completed a financing round. More than two million euros are being provided by existing investors.

3D Printing filaments are available in different colors.

The current funding is therefore only an intermediate step for All3DP. Next year, the start-up company wants to raise money again – with the participation of international investors. “The role of 3D printing in the production of physical goods is becoming increasingly important,” says Plica, “opening up access to a market volume of over 12 trillion euros.

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