c23 ventures invests in digital talent analysis tool

Aivy revolutionises recruiting with focus on individual strengths

Aivy, a pioneer in the field of recruiting, has a vision of a working world that focuses on the person behind the CV. The company believes that individual strengths have the greatest predictive power for job success and satisfaction and should therefore play a central role in recruiting. By implementing this vision, each talent is placed in the right job and can develop their full potential.

Furthermore, this focus on individual strengths contributes to social sustainability. Companies have the opportunity to successfully assemble diverse teams to tackle the challenges of our time together.

Talent analysis for the modern HR management with Aivy. Photo: Aivy

With its game-based assessments, Aivy has developed an innovative solution to support talents in discovering their individual strengths. At the same time, these assessments enable HR managers to make efficient, objective and successful selection decisions by quickly identifying suitable applicants. The assessments are based on psychological science and are characterised by their short duration, which leads to a strong candidate experience and at the same time enables time savings of up to 80%.

Aivy thus revolutionises the recruiting process and creates a win-win situation for talents and companies. By bringing individual strengths to the forefront, it enables a custom-fit placement that leads to higher job satisfaction and performance.

For more information about Aivy and the game-based assessments, please visit their website.